TJ Band Patrons

             TJ Band's Helping Hands and Loving Hearts!



Director of High School Bands: Mr. James R. Mirabella

Assistant Director: Mr. Dan Hrvatin

Assistant Director: Mr. Greg Erdely

Majorette Instructor: Ms. Jamie Ostroff

Color Guard Instructor: Mrs. Kairy Little

Associate Percussion Instructor: Mr. Jake Locke


Student Leaders


Drum Majors:  Lexie Zovko and Maya Maurer

Junior Drum Major:  Shannon McCollum

Colorguard Captains:  Kate Birch and Hailey Trainor

Majorette Captains:  Sarah Houy and Dana O’Black


Student Officers


President:  Rocco Kempa

Vice President:  Emily Bond  

Secretary:  Robin Gelzhiser

Treasurer:  Maya Maurer

Historians:  Alex Bagnell and Joe Ducko

Librarians (pd. 1):  Ellie Hallman and Raelyn Kruger

Librarians (pd. 9):  Kaylee Van Bibber and Talia Napolitano


Class Representatives


Freshman:  Talia Napolitano

Sophomore:  Raelyn Kruger

Junior:  Jordan Stosic

Senior:  Joan Ngugi

             TJ Band's Helping Hands and Loving Hearts!