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The T J Band Patrons provide assistance to Mr. Mirabella within his responsibility as Band Director by overseeing the welfare of the children of the T J Marching Band and the representation to the community during events such as parades, football games, band festivals, etc.  The number of chaperones needed will be determined by Mr. Mirabella and may vary from week to week or by event.  In order to chaperone for the T J Marching Band, you MUST complete the following: 


           1.  Become a member of the T J Band Patrons with membership paid prior to chaperoning.


           2.  Secure the clearances required by the WJHSD for a volunteer which are:


A. PA State Criminal History records check that is within 12 months old

B. PA Child Abuse History Clearance that is within 12 months old

C. Either a signed affidavit if a PA state resident for 10 consecutive years (located in the WJHSD Volunteer Manual—Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers), or FBI Fingerprint Clearance** that is within 12 months old.



3. Complete the Volunteer Registration Form and Volunteer Emergency Form found in the WJHSD Volunteer Manual.


The WJHSD Volunteer manual includes guidelines and instructions on securing clearances and the volunteer forms.  The clearances required fall under the “Volunteer” type.  According to the WJHSD Volunteer Manual, once your clearances have been provided to the band patrons and the school district, they are valid for 60 months.


           4.  Read and become familiar with the Chaperone Guidelines



Copies of all clearances and completed volunteer registration and emergency forms are to be provided to both the school district administration office and to Joe Evanchak, Chaperone Chairperson for the T J Band Patrons.  If you provided clearances to the band patrons last school year, Joe should already have them on file and you do not need to send them in again.  New volunteers should turn in the required documents by Friday, August 12th.  They can be either dropped off or mailed to:


                                 WJHSD                                                         T J Band Patrons, Inc.          

                                 c/o Elizabeth Greives                                   c/o Joe Evanchak

                                 835 Old Clairton Road                                   2017 Stilley Road

                                 Jefferson Hills, PA  15025                            Jefferson Hills, PA  15025


Once you have completed the requirements to chaperone and provided the necessary documents, you may sign up to chaperone by visiting the link below.  Note that prior to an event, an email notification will be sent to you notifying you that you have been scheduled to chaperone and it will also provide general guidance on the expectations for chaperoning.  Please visit this link to sign up to chaperone:

Click here to be directed to the chaperone sign up.


Any questions regarding chaperoning should be directed to either the T J Band Patron Board or the Chairperson, Joe Evanchak at


**Required fingerprinting for the FBI Clearance can be done at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit in Homestead or at the UPS store in White Oak in the Rainbow Shopping center.  Before going to either location, you will need to first register on the website. ($27.50) Please make sure to register under the Department of Education Link. You will complete the registration, pay on-line and receive an Applicant Registration confirmation via email.  Take this registration confirmation which states your Registration ID when you visit the center.  If asked, you are getting this done under the Department of Education (WJHSD).  They will return your registration confirmation and you will receive the results via mail in approximately 3 weeks.






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